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All postcards are printed in full color, both sides on 10 pt. gloss card stock

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The best way to get started or get answers to your questions,... is to call!
Call Lori or Wayne at 856-767-0108
or email

Discounted postage varies based on the quality of the addresses in the list and the geographical density of the list. Also, an extra discount applies to mail we deliver to the South Jersey or Philadelphia, for mail pieces which have South Jersey or Philadelphia addresses.

The postage calculated above is only an estimate. We need the final mailing list to determine the postage exactly.

Occupant lists include all addresses in a geographical area, usually defined by zip codes and carrier routes within the zip code.

Consumer list parameters include household income, home value, head of household age, age of home, etc. (many other parameters are available)

Business list parameters include geographical location (usually zip codes), business type (SIC codes),... many other parameters are available

(Above list prices based on one use only. Call to discuss multiple uses.)

Mail Service includes CASS certification of addresses, removing undeliverable records and duplicates, pre-sorting the list, ink jet printing of address on mail piece, sorting and packaging mail piece per USPS requirements and delivery of mail to the Bellmawr NJ main Post Office.

If You Provide Your Own List (Any list that you provide to us will be kept completely confidential!)
We will need your mailing list in an computer file.  We can handle almost any format, most customers prefer to provide the list in an Excel spreadsheet format. You can email it to us when you are ready. There is no extra charge for using your list, unless the list needs re-structuring/repairs to make it usable.

Need help on preparing your mailing list?

After downloading open the file with Excel.